January 2021 Edition | The Road to Rosé

Posted by Kyri Christodoulou•

Stepping into the New Year are two EXCLUSIVE producers selected especially for our valued club members. First up we have the young and talented Remi Leroy from Meurville in the Côte des Bar showing his 'Assemblage' Rosé placed next to A & J Demiere coming from Fleury-la-Riviere along the Marne valley with their exuberant 'Saignée de Rosé'.

We wanted to put these two together and showcase the inherent differences in the winemaking style and what their regions bring to the fruit. For some of you, rosé champagne is a firm favourite and for others they are not quite convinced. Our aim is to re-introduce this champagne segment and talk food as these are food wines.

Please enjoy the episode and stick around for the bloopers