About Us

We love champagne. Its one of the most intricate and difficult wines to produce, created painstakingly in one of the most climatically challenging regions in the world. It ages longer than almost all other wines and is rarely understood. The category of champagne is broad and deserves to be explored.

We believe that the wines coming out of the Champagne region of France are the most interesting they have ever been and it’s a supremely exciting time for the Champagne lover.

Our CEO and founder Kyla Kirkpatrick, has been educating in Champagne for over a decade and has committed her life to Champagne. Kyla moved to Champagne in 2005 after becoming interested in the story of Champagne and working in the champagne industry, telling the region’s unique story ever since. Kyla, more often known as The Champagne Dame, has an intimate knowledge of the region, the winemakers and the broad range of champagnes coming out of this genre that she will share in her personal selection of wines on Emperor. 

Joining Kyla is a passionate team of professionals who share her energy and enthusiasm. We support the industry of Champagne from the dynamic small growers, to the medium-sized houses of absolute elegance and the iconic grand marques, selecting the very best champagnes to satisfy your passion of this incredible wine.

The Emperor team are Champagne lovers and connoisseurs based in Melbourne, Australia who want to share our obsession with you - from our online store, to our champagne club and beyond. We are Australia’s home of Champagne.

Join the revolution and shop where champagne rules, Emperor.