Frequently Asked Questions

Do to the perishable and delicate nature of Champagne we do not allow returns of stock unless the bottle was damaged or corked.

We have a strong quality control of storage and shipping and once the stock has left our warehouse and been delivered to you we cannot guarantee correct storage or treatment of wines.

Our expert panel has selected the best of the Champagne category so we can assure you all champagnes on our site are wonderful but they may not be to your personal taste. Please let us know if you did not enjoy a certain champagne so we can add this to your personal profile which will help to send you future champagnes that suit your taste.

If you open your bottle and note that the wine is corked please contact us for a replacement. A replacement will take approximately 7 days as we will need to authorize a replacement with the importer.

Corked wine is natural and you may notice an aroma of wet cardboard, or a dusty, mouldy smell. Sometimes this is subtle and sometimes it is strong. If your Champagne smells fine but has no bubbles, try rinsing your flutes with hot water to make sure there is not detergent residue as this can be a bubble killer!

Please contact our team via email or phone with your corked bottle and we will contact the importer and have it replaced. Please note you will need to send the cork back to us for a replacement bottle.

If the wrong product was shipped according to what you had selected and paid for via the system then a replacement or full refund will be offered.