Nicolas Feuillatte

At Emperor Champagne, we carry two distinctive Nicolas Feuillatte champagnes, bringing the delicate crafted approach to their winemaking to our cellars.

A Union of Champagne Makers

The Nicolas Feuillate brand was created in 1976 after he inherited a vineyard Domaine de Bouleuse near Reims in the Champagne region. The vineyard was taken over by the Centre Vinicole de la Champagne primarily to vinify and store wines grown by cooperatives and individual wine presses in 1972.

It was renamed the Centre Vinicole - Champagne Nicolas Feuillate, CV-CNF, in 1986 by Henri Macquart, who was the founder of the Centre. Situated in Chouilly and representing more than 5000 vineyards that are comprised of 82 winemaking cooperatives, it is the oldest union of champagne producers.

Named Nicolas Feuillate, they produce two champagnes, Selection Brut and Demi-Sec. 

Selection Brut

Exploring the diversity of champagnes will require that you engage your sense of smell, of taste and of sight to be able to fully appreciate the wonderful sparkling wines that we have to offer you.

Our Selection Brut from the Nicolas Feuillatte collection is a blend of Pinot-Noir, Pinot-Meunier and Chardonnay. This champagne is great to share with a group of friends. Aged for two to three years to create a wonderful balance that explodes with the aroma of a fruit bouquet, it is the ideal bottle to pop for that special group party.

Whether it is an occasion for two, a group of friends, or a team of mates, the vibrancy and dynamism of the Selection Brut Champagne will liven your celebration to create wonderful memories.  

Selection Demi-Sec

If it’s verve and vitality with a hint of freshness you are looking for, then Selection Demi-Sec is your sparkling wine of choice. The sweetness makes it perfect for light desserts and aperitifs, and the perfect accompaniment to your dinner party.

The Nicolas Feuillate champagnes are the ideal champagnes to keep for those impromptu moments that come up suddenly and call for a celebration.

Develop Your Sense of Taste

Most people find themselves having to order a celebratory champagne but having no idea how to select the ideal one. We at Emperor Champagne would like to offer a quick guide to help you to learn how to taste champagne. 


  • Pre-cool your champagne to the right temperature before you attempt to taste it. It should ideally be at the perfect temperature, to deliver its full flavour.
  • Taste your champagne either mid-morning or early evening, when your palate is free of other tastes.
  • Choose a quiet and well-lighted area, to enable maximum concentration and clarity.
  • Place your champagne on a white cloth and against a white background.
  • Use long tulip-shaped glasses to allow bubbles and aroma to rise sufficiently.
  • Rinse the glasses with warm water to remove any detergent or any other impurity.
  • Ensure room is clear of any other smells such as air fresheners.
  • Pour champagne to half-full so that it can breathe.
  • Wear a blindfold.
  • Savour each sip, allowing your senses to guide you on what you’re are experiencing.

We hope that your champagne moments will be exceptional and Emperor Champagne look forward to furnishing you with Nicolas Feuillate Brut and various other fine champagnes.  

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Nicolas Feuillatte

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