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Emperor Crystal Tulips Champagne Glasses

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Appreciating the Tulip - Did you know that bubbles nucleate on imperfections in a glass? Most people have been drinking their champagne from the wrong glass for so long that they don’t realise how good champagne can be. So much time, energy and passion is delivered into every bottle of champagne and drinking it from a skinny flute dulls all the wonderful aroma and complexity. Our new and improved glasses are handcrafted mouthblown crystal to enhance clarity and add durability our stemware that can handle over 1000 washes. The large tulip shape will create a symphony of aroma and flavour from your champagne as it has room to open out, breathe and interchange with oxygen. Also, the narrow rim of the glass will refocus the aromas with each sip.

Because of the perfect nature of crystal, our glasses have been scored in the base of the glass to create extra perlage (bubbles).

This glass is designed especially for the enjoyment of champagne from non-vintage through to prestige cuvées. It is time to get rid of your old skinny flutes.

Please note: Champagne is not included.

All six packs of tulip champagne glasses come in our signature luxury packaging.

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Serving Instructions
Only fill your champagne glass to the widest point of the glass which is the apex of the flute. Serve non-vintage cuvées at approximately 9 degrees and serve vintage and prestige cuvees at 10 to 12 degrees in temperature. Experience champagne like never before.

Care Instructions (Show some love)
Crystal glassware should be hand washed separately in warm soapy water, rinsed thoroughly and dried with a clean lint free cloth. Dishwasher heat, friction and detergent can dull or scratch the surface. However a glassware specific cycle on your dishwasher is fine. Extreme temperatures can crack or break your crystal/glass. Avoid pouring hot liquids into cold crystal/glass, or very cold liquids into warm crystal /glass. Do not use product in a microwave or conventional oven. Stand or store crystal stemware right side up to avoid damage to stemware rims. Never stack glassware on top of each other. Champagne will never taste so good!

445 cc / 15 oz capacity. 245mm height, 90mm width.
Handcrafted mouthblown crystalline glass.