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Something worth celebrating – champagne gift delivery in Brisbane

When you really want to place the emphasis on celebration, nothing quite makes the statement like champagne.

Note, of course, that we say champagne, not sparkling wine. Sacrebleu! Who would ever say "Let's break out the sparkling wine"? Talk about a fizzer!

No, of course, only genuine champagne will do. Only the region of Champagne in France can produce the original champagne that is synonymous with celebration. There's a good reason for that.

There's no messing with the méthode classique

Try as they may, nobody can imitate this traditional method because it has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, and furthermore, there are unique climatic, geologic, and agricultural factors that make champagne just what it is.

You'll notice it in the quality. The bead of each perfect bubble as it races its way to the top of the glass, with just the right amount of effervescence to ensure the tantalising aroma reaches you just before you take that all-important first sip. Then there's the taste, which is uniquely identifiable as champagne.

Ordinary sparkling wine is not in the same league. Champagne is manufactured according to strict rules. The first of these rules is that it must be produced entirely within the geographic region of Champagne, and that is the most important one. But there are many more rules dictating exactly how genuine champagne must be produced.

Only those products which comply with all of the rules can legally be labelled as "champagne".

Cuvée, or not Cuvée, that is the question

Another part of what makes champagne so special is that there is a great deal of care taken in its production. Selecting the grapes that will be used is the first special task, and it is carried out with a great deal of seriousness.

Expert assessors look at factors like the acid profile, sugar content, and a property defined only as "body", among other factors. Only the most superior grapes are chosen.

When it comes to the pressing of the grapes, this is usually performed far more gently than in regular wine production, and certainly, the seeds and stems will never be allowed into the press, which is not the case with many ordinary wines.

By keeping the juice as pure as possible, without any contaminants, it provides the best conditions for ideal fermentation, as well as avoiding any bitterness that would find its way in from tannins present in the seeds, stems, and other organic matter.

This most carefully produced grape juice is fermented in a two-stage process, first in the cask and then in the bottle. All this special care that is taken is what gives the champagne its special character, or "Cuvée".

Used on its own, and without the capitalisation, this word simply means "vat" or "batch", but when used in relation to champagne, it defines that the champagne is indeed special enough to be considered Cuvée. For this to be the case, only the first 2050 litres of juice extracted from precisely 4000 kg of grapes may be used.

Get the party started with Emperor Champagne Delivery in Brisbane

Here in Queensland, there's almost always something to celebrate. When it is time to celebrate, make sure you do it in style by ordering your champagne from Emperor Champagne. We stock only respected brands of genuine champagne, so you will always know you are serving quality to your guests.

In addition to serving champagne at your own parties and functions, consider also the possibility of sending champagne as a gift. It's the perfect way to say "Congratulations" when you're not able to attend in person, and the best way to be sure a toast will be made in your honour.

For a genuine celebration, use genuine champagne, and to be sure of always getting the best quality, choose Emperor.