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The more you learn about champagne, the more you can appreciate it! So here we've shared a few places you can learn more about champagne on our Emperor Champagne website.

1. GUIDE. Check out our "Which champagne to buy?" guide.

2. VIDEOS. We create videos at least monthly on champagne. Watch our champagne education videos.

3. EVENTS. Emperor Champagne regularly run events which often include masterclass style champagne education. Review our upcoming champagne events and make sure you subscribe to email list to get future invitations. 

4. BLOG. We write about champagne monthly on the Emperor Champagne blog.

We've included some of our favourite article links below to get you started.


Pouring-champagneThe top five faux pas of champagne service

From how to chill it and which glasses to use, there’s more to serving champagne than we think. There are also some mistakes that are commonly made when drinking bubbly, ones that can impact the best overall experience of a beautiful champagne. Read our Top 5 Faux Pas of Champagne Service. <Read the article>



ruinart rose

Delicious Rosé Champagne Food Pairings

Rosé champagne is currently seeing a resurgence in its popularity. Not only does it look fantastic in its range in gorgeous pink hues from pale salmon, honey amber and deep magentas, we at Emperor appreciate its diversity when it comes to wining and dining! Read on below for our food pairing suggestions that will have your tastebuds tickled pink! <Read the article>



organic champagneBiodynamic & Organic Viticulture in Modern Day Winemaking

Over the past decade, there has been a lot of talk in the champagne industry about organic viticulture and biodynamics. But is this really ‘modern winemaking’ or is it simply returning to the way wine was produced in Roman times? What does it all mean? Is our wine healthier? Tastier? <Read the article>




 Winter champagnes 

5 insider tips to find the perfect Winter Champagne

A champagne lover moves from fresh, light and elegant champagne styles to those which are more rich, round and luscious. Here are five elements that add body to champagnes, making them ideal for heather cuisine and cooler nights. <Read the article>