Watch champagne education videos

Every month we create a video for members of the Emperor Champagne Club designed to enhance knowledge and understanding of particular champagnes - and the category as a whole. 

If you'd like to improve your champagne knowledge, and thus your appreciation of this special wine, please watch and enjoy!

Battle of the Extra Bruts

As a category and champagne style Extra Brut is commonly misunderstood. Which is why we wanted to present this video sharing some of the key values that make extra brut champagne worthwhile.

Yes, you will spend a bit more on a bottle, however it represents one of the best value for money champagnes to buy. Why? As on average it aged for a least 2-3 years longer than your standard Brut champagne and they often source the best, ripest plots of grapes to make it.


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Rosé Exposé

Ever wondered has champagne rosé is made? Discover the two legally allowed methods in the Champagne region.

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Music and Champagne

We have been doing some research on producers that play music in their vineyards and when the wine is ageing. How does this benefit the wine?

From our findings across several different wine producers, playing music to the vines encourages greater natural resistance to disease and playing classical music in the cellar is said to assist in the ageing and produce smoother and more ‘energised’ wine.

For the sceptics amongst you, I can hear what you’re thinking… however, what we believe in is the true power of nature, organics and biodynamics.


Interview: Cyril Brun, Chef de Caves at Charles Heidsieck

Kyla Kirkpatrick, CEO of Emperor had the pleasure of interviewing the Chef de Caves at Charles Heidsieck - Cyril Brun earlier in 2018. It coincided with the new vintage release of their esteemed champagne 'Blanc de Millenaires 2004'.  


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Regional Identity

We zoom in on two Champagne villages, the Grand Cru of Bouzy and Ecueil. The hugely exciting and highly awarded grower of Pierre Paillard is in Bouzy. Not too far from them, in the Petite Montagne de Reims, is the small yet dynamic house of Lacourte-Godbillon in Ecueil (pron: Eck-cohy).

This video focuses on producers who are crazy passionate about their village and want to highlight all that it offers in one champagne expression. These dedicated families produce their wines from every plot they own and made it their signature wine. 

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