November Edition 2021 | RAW Nature

Posted by Kyri Christodoulou•

RAW Nature, is the topic this month. A play on words yes and a closer look at two fantastic producers making Zero Dosage and incredibly natural champagne show it's true light. To kick off, we feature Champagne Drappier based in the Côte des Bar which is in the south of Champagne. The wine of focus, is the beguiling Rosé Brut Nature made with 100% Pinot noir using the Saignée or maceration method and of course zero dosage. We have partnered this with another talented producer, but on a much smaller scale called, Val Frison. Her wine is called 'Goustan' and it is also 100% pinot, but in the form of a Blanc de noirs. There are three seperate parcels that go into making this. An important point to make is that Val Frison produces about 15,000 bottles annually compared to Drappier's 1.5 million, so a much smaller, artisanal style producer. Thank you for tuning in.