May Edition | An insight into the Negociant-Manipulant

Posted by Kyri Christodoulou•

We are continuing the ‘producer-type’ series by delving into how an ‘NM’ works and creates their champagne. So far we have covered off the Cooperative-Manipulant – ‘CM’ which is a group of growers that make their wines collectively and the Marque d’Acheteur or ‘MA’ which is essentially a ‘Buyers Own Brand’, whereby a brand can purchase a ready made champagne and place their label on it. 

The Negociant-Manipulant (NM) owns vineyards and can purchase grapes or grape juice to supplement their needs. The houses we looking at this month are Bruno Paillard, based in Reims and Vollereaux who are situated in the Premier Cru town of Pierry.

Alice Paillard (Pictured above).

Enjoy this month's episode.