August Edition | Freshly Disgorged 👌🏽

August Edition | Freshly Disgorged 👌🏽

Image courtesy of Gentl & Hyers 

Welcome back to our existing members and a warm hello to all of our new club members this month, plus those of you who have rejoined, it's good to have you back!

This month is an exciting one, as we are showcasing a brand new biodynamic grower and producer, De Sousa that arrived back in Australia in July. Also, for the Connoisseurs, we have a brand new wine from the organic grower of Dehours et Fils based in the Marne Valley. It is fitting to call this Edition 'Freshly Disgorged' as the wines have just arrived on our shores.

For our newcomers to the club, disgorgement is the process of removing all the yeast lees after the wine has been ageing in the winemakers cellar. From here, they can add a little sugar (known as dosage) to make it either Brut, Extra Brut or some cases, zero dosage.

We hope you enjoy this edition; your feedback is always welcome.

Warm regards,

Kyri, Kyla and the team at Emperor

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