April Edition - The Geology of Cramant

Posted by Kyri Christodoulou•

We have a chunky edition this month, where we take a bite out of a famous region in champane known as the Côte des Blancs and zone in on a Grand Cru village known as - Cramant.

We talk about the 'Butte de Saran' (pictured above) which in geology terms is named an 'outlier' and is formed from millions of years of erosion around it. The result is a raised block of land that has vineyards wrapped around it like a cloak. Each side of the 'Butte de Saran' can face either East, West, South or North, with the most prized vineyard spots facing in a Southerly direction for optimum ripeness and flavour. 

To highlight this month's focus we poresent two producers', Champagne Bonnaire and Champagne Guiborat et Fils both of which are established in Cramant and use only estate fruit to produce their wines.