the MAGNUM effect : Bigger IS Better

the MAGNUM effect : Bigger IS Better

The time old adage that bigger is always better doesn’t necessarily apply to everything including our waistlines, queues for ice cream or debt, but it does apply to champagne vessels. The coveted ‘Magnum’ is double the quantity of a standard bottle and doubly impressive in contents.

Everything about a magnum is sexy. The presence of the bottle on the table, the weight of the shape in your hands and the 'oohs and ahs' of your dinner party guests as you ‘pull out the big gun’. Nothing says party like a magnum of Champagne!

But its not simply double the volume of those precious bubbles that makes a magnum superlative. Something special happens to the wine inside. Take note here; a magnum has double the contents of liquid as a 750 ml bottle yet the same amount of air under the cork. Wine is a living, breathing product which slowly breaths through the porous cork and over time oxidates.

If we have double the volume of champagne and the same air under the cork, we have a lower wine to air ratio hence the wine slows down its ageing profile and develops in a far more complex way. The contents of a magnum are far superior to a 750ml and you will see much more depth and complexity whilst still retaining freshness. So if you are with a group of friends and you are the only one drinking…wink, wink….always order the magnum.

Celebrate with our magnum selection this year and you will thank us later.



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