Champagne Carbon is landing at Emperor

Champagne Carbon is landing at Emperor

Melding his passion for motor racing with his winemaking background, Alexandre Mea founded Champagne Carbon as the new hot luxury champagne brand on the market, partnering with Formula 1, Bugatti...and Emperor Champagne! Emperor Agency is proud to now be bringing Champagne Carbon into Australia.

Champagne Carbon are rule breakers, constantly innovating and reinventing the world of Champagne. The brand strives to promote French craftsmanship by producing high-quality artisanal champagne, but sets itself apart from the traditional codes with a new innovative packaging: the bottles. Made with a carbon fibre wrap, they are the signature of this atypical house. 




The Story of the House

The Méa-Devavry family has been cultivating their 15-hectare estate in the Marne Valley for five generations, under the brand Champagne Devavry. 5th generation Alexandre Mea was set to take over the reins of the family house, but decided otherwise. Breaking the traditional codes, he founded his own champagne house with an innovative and avant-gardiste philosophy. 

After four years of experimentation with raw materials and grapes, Alexandre and his Carbon team had found the perfect balance of flowers, spices and brioche they needed to craft the cuvées. By placing carbon at the centre of their winemaking, they were allowing this pure element to have an impact on their wine. An emotional experience. Champagne Carbon was born, and with it, a new story for champagne making.

In 2013, the house released their first bottles and their success was immediate. By combining high-quality fruits from grand cru vineyards with a new innovative packaging, Alexandre Mea has created an outstanding new category of champagne, and managed to meet the needs of a wealthy audience.


The House and Motorsports

Since 2017, Champagne Carbon has been the official champagne partner of Formula 1, and superstars like Lewis Hamilton have been popping Carbon bottles on podiums around the world. Each podium follows the same rules: Gold for the winner, Silver for the second-placed driver and Bronze for the final podium finisher. 

Alexandre Mea, CEO of Carbon said: “The partnership between Champagne Carbon and Formula 1 is, for us, the perfect fusion of ideas. We share a similar story – of great heritage, the constant pursuit of perfection and a relentless desire to innovate. [...] We both possess rich heritage, both rely on supreme craftsmanship but simultaneously both have always looked to the future”. 

In 2018, the house also became the official partner of Bugatti, the prestigious automotive brand. With a shared spirit of craftsmanship, luxury and elegance, the two houses worked together in launching a unique cuvée, celebrating the 110th anniversary of Bugatti’s founder, Ettore Bugatti.

Aligning with these two luxury automotive brands, Champagne Carbon embodies the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, expert craftsmanship and celebration. 




Power & Precision - Inside and Out

With Carbon, luxury is in the small details. All the bottles are handmade and composed of carbon fibre, which involves a 37-step artisanal production. Every one of these steps is crucial, as it is a cell in the DNA of the brand. It takes a week and a staff of 30 people to make one Carbon bottle. To this date, the house remains confidential about its production process and numbers.  

Each cuvée is unique and characterised by the precision of its refined floral notes which embodies the distinctive personality of the brand. Inside the bottle? Only the best grapes from grand cru vineyards. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes are fermented in small oak barrels, adding complexity and elegance to the range. On the bottle? A fine layer of carbon fibre. As it interacts with the carbon dioxide present in the wine itself, an energy tension is created and the ageing of the wine is enhanced. 

Adapting to the recent context, the house decided to launch a new range of cuvées, at a more affordable price point. This new range features the same high-quality champagne from the Carbon vineyards, but without the carbon fibre element in the bottle. 


The Carbon Range

The Carbon range is composed of five different cuvées which are the following: 

  • Champagne Carbon Brut
  • Champagne Carbon Rosé
  • Champagne Carbon Blanc de Blancs
  • Champagne Carbon Brut Magnum
  • Champagne Carbon Bugatti 2002 Vintage
  • Champagne Carbon Bugatti 2006 Vintage


Try the Carbon Experience

Champagne Carbon is available only in a limited number of outlets in the world. Emperor Champagne is the proud partner of the house in Australia, with the five cuvées available on our website. It’s time for you to explore this new chapter of champagne making and enjoy an innovative tasting experience.



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