Gosset Champagne: Wine of Kings

One of the oldest brands in the region, Gosset has been making wine in Champagne since the early 1500s, well before Dom Perignon and his trusty winemaking monks put the sparkle into wine in 1668. 

The house started out making still red wines in the former winemaking capital of Champagne, Aÿ and for many years resisted the sweeping sensation of making sparkling wine. The house to this day is focused on making wine first before a champagne. The absence of malolactic fermentation in the wines preserves the pristine nature of the fruit and highlights its lively acidity and bracing energy.

The wines benefit from an extended time in the cellar to gain their full potential and would certainly have the potential to develop in yours.

Gosset presents their champagnes in an antique bottle that matches the exact reproduction of those used in the 18th century.  This unique bottle design contributes to the authenticity of this loved brand.
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