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One of the oldest brands in the region, Gosset has been making wine in Champagne since the early 1500’s, well before Dom Perignon and his trusty winemaking monks put the sparkle into the wine in 1668.

The house started out making still red wines in the former winemaking capital of Champagne, Aÿ and for many years resisted the sweeping sensation of making sparkling wine. The house to this day is focused on making wine first before a champagne.

This is in direct contrast to other houses that make acidic base wines purely for the purpose of making champagne. One of the key winemaking techniques is the absence of malolactic fermentation. This preserves the pristine nature of the fruit and highlights its lively acidity and bracing energy.

The wines therefore, benefit from an extended time in the cellar to gain their full potential. They would certainly have the potential to develop in yours.

We have been impressed by all the cuvées and the Grande Reserve Brut is an outstanding entry level champagne for a classy producer.

Gosset Champagne: Where It All Began

Gosset was founded in 1584 by Pierre Gosset.  Gosset produced mostly red wines that were harvested from his very own vines.  For over four centuries, Gosset has been producing and distributing the finest wines known to this world. In fact, the wines of Aÿ are even considered noble and were frequently served at the table of the kings of France. 

Gosset did not start producing champagne until the 18th century, but we are more than pleased that they did decide to get into champagne production because these champagnes are most certainly some of the most sensational champagnes in existence.

In 1994, The Gosset house was sold to the Renaud-Cointreau group, a family-owned group that also owned the Cognac Frapin.  In 2005 they increased production to one million bottles and at the moment this fantastic house exports 65% of its production to more than 70 countries.  The Gosset house extended their house by purchasing 2 hectares of parkland with buildings that date back from the 19th century. These lands also consist of 1.7km of cellars where over 2.5 million bottles of wine can be stored as well as cuverie of 26.000 hectoliters.  

More about Our Available Gosset Champagnes

One of the things you will immediately notice about Gosset champagne brut is that these champagnes are unique in packaging.  That is because Gosset presents their champagnes in an antique bottle that matches the exact reproduction of those used in the 18th century.  This unique bottle design contributes to the authenticity of this loved brand.

Gosset produces a wide range of fine quality cuvées available on the market at the very moment that includes the following;

- Gosset Brut Excellence

- Gosset Great Reserve Brut

- Gosset Grand Blanc de Blanc

- Gosset Grand Rose

- Gosset Grand Milleseme Brut

- Gosset Petite Douceur Rosé

- Gosset Vintage Extra Brut

- Gosset Celebris Rosé Extra Brut

At Emperor Champagne, we invest in only the finest quality champagnes and Gosset is a definite must for our list.  If Gosset is fine enough for the kings of France, then it is definitely fine enough for gentlemen and ladies just like you who might be looking for luxury champagne to add to your reserves.

We sell a range of the best champagnes that you can shop from our website at this very moment.  Here is a bit more information on these fine champagnes we have available for distribution anywhere in Australia right now;

Gosset 15 Ans – This bottle of champagne stands out from the crowd thanks to its antique design and its bright blue label.  This multi-vintage blend of 1995-1996-1998 was bottled in 1999 and aged for 7 years before being released onto the market.  The champagne has a blend of 60% Chardonnay and 40% pinot noir and offers an aroma of ripe peach and apricot combined with warm toast and honey.

Gosset Grande Reserve NV – The Grand Reserve consists of a blend of 40% Chardonnay, 40% pinot noir and 20% pinot meuniere.  Only the finest fruits from over 50 villages and reserves from 2009 and 2008 are used to blend this fine champagne.  The Grande Reserve offers an aroma of biscuit, toast, apricot, honey, and spice. Those that sampled this champagne commented that the finish is persistent and keeps unfolding as the champagne warms.

Gosset Grand Blanc de Blancs – This champagne with its beautiful golden label is an exquisite guest in the cellar of any champagne lover.  The champagne has a luminescent yellow with a tint of green and has a blend of 100% Chardonnay. The champagne offers notes of lemon, apricot, and quince with a floral citrus undertone.  

Gosset Grand Brut Rosé – This fine rose champagne has an even blend of Chardonnay and point noir but also consist of 8-9% pinot noir red wine.  This champagne is considered as lighter or more delicate because of its scents of light florals, redcurrants, strawberry, and spice. This champagne is a must for any special occasion and will certainly be a sensational addition to your wine rack.

Any one of these fine champagnes would serve wonderfully for celebrating a special occasion, for gifting to someone meaningful in your life or to enjoy along with the best of company.  If you don’t have one of these fine champagnes in your reserves just yet then it is high time to order one right now.

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Gosset Grand Reserve NV Champagne


Gosset Grande Reserve NV



Club Price $89.30 (?)



Gosset Grand Blanc de blancs

Blanc de Blancs

Club Price $113.05 (?)

Gosset Grand Brut Rosé Champagne


Gosset Grand Brut Rosé



Club Price $108.30 (?)



Gosset Blanc de Noirs

Blanc de Noirs


Club Price $174.80 (?)

Gosset Grand Millésime 2012 Brut


Gosset Grand Millésime 2012 Brut


Club Price $151.05 (?)



Gosset Blanc de Meunier

Blanc de Noirs


Club Price $227.05 (?)