Champagne Buckets

Champagne is Always Best Served Cool

Now that you have the fine bottle of champagne for your very special occasion, it deserves to be served to perfection. Champagne is best served cool and not very chilled, at a temperature of between 6° - 8°C. For vintage champagnes, the ideal temperature is a little warmer, at 10° - 12°C.

Serving champagne at just the right temperature brings out its best aromas and flavours. Popping the bottle into an ice and water filled champagne bucket for just 30 minutes should give you that perfect glass of bubbly.

At Emperor Champagne, we stock a stylish range of champagne buckets to accompany this delectable drink. Elegantly designed, they are the perfect accessory for your bottle of champagne and will add a touch of sophistication to any dinner or other event that you may be hosting.  

Presenting Your Champagne

Your event is a special one and is the reason you have ordered that fine champagne to fete the auspicious occasion. However, the way you present your champagne is just as important, and so you should make the effort to get it just right.

As champagne should not be served cold, mixing ice with water will cool it to just the right temperature. Placing ice cubes half-way up the bucket, and then adding water to the level of the handles, will ensure that your champagne bottle chills down to the right temperature.

This method will also ensure that you don’t have an overspill once you place the bottle inside. You should completely immerse your bottle in the water and ice mix. Avoid placing the bottle in a bucket that only contains ice.  

At Emperor Champagnes, we have a variety of champagne buckets for cooling one bottle or buckets that are large enough to chill several bottles. Browse our online selection to find the most suitable one for you.  

Get the Temperature Right

The importance of getting the temperature just right is that if you don’t, you do not get the full character of your champagne. Too cold will not bring out the full aroma, while too warm will not achieve the desired effect, which is to bring out the full aroma at the perfect temperature.

Ice dispersed in water keeps the champagne from cooling too quickly and helps to get it to the perfect temperature. When checking to make sure that the right temperature has been reached, check both the top and bottom of the champagne to make sure that it has cooled evenly.

As champagnes are of a complex nature, they should be served at cool temperatures. Maintaining these temperatures and serving the drink in long-stemmed or tulip glasses, will ensure that you and your guests enjoy the perfect glass of champagne, which will make the moment especially memorable.

We hope that these little tips on how to present and serve your champagne will help to enhance your celebration by ensuring you get it right, and we look forward to hearing from you with your order.

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