Vouette et Sorbee

This is a true connoisseur’s champagne where craftsmanship is key. The vineyards are located in the true south of Champagne in the cote de Bar and are meticulously governed by cult winemaker Bertrand Gautherot. Gautherot, first and foremost makes a wine, the bubbles being incidental to what he is trying to achieve which is a wine that offers a sense of place. Almost all of the cuvees he produces are single vineyard (with the exception of Fidele) and single vintage. The wines have absolutely no dosage and are made at a lower bar of pressure resulting in finer bubbles and powerful vinous cuvees. Gautherots’ vineyards have been certified biodynamic since 1998 and his low yield, high intensity fruit translates to powerful wines that command food. Gautherot who was inspired by Jacques Selosse is one of the true legends of Champagne. These cuvees will provide much discussion at the dinner table so please read our tasting card that will arrive with your champagne before you present this wine to your guests - these wines are not for the feint of heart.



Vouette et Sorbee


Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut

Club Price $132.05 (?)

Vouette et Sorbee

Blanc d'Argile

Blanc de Blancs

Club Price $166.25 (?)