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Emperor Champagne was established to supply the finest quality curated champagnes online, while at the same time offering education and experiences that seek to promote the appreciation and access to the very best champagne.

Organic champagne is gaining popularity in Australia as it is in other parts of the world. We stock a number of organic champagnes that can be delivered with our next-day-delivery service to any major city in Australia, to add that purely natural sparkle to your celebration.

Proud Of Our Organic Champagne

You may be asking what constitutes organic farming? Organic farming uses compost to fertilise the soils so that no pesticides or synthetic chemicals are used in the vineyards. Once harvested, natural methods are also employed to prevent the fruit from rotting or mildew.

Reasons to Choose Organic Champagne

The move to revert to growing organic grapes began in the 1970s when a handful of vineyard owners felt that chemical farming was unhealthy for the vines and the farms. Today, 600 hectares of vineyards, roughly 2% of the vineyards in Champagne are farmed organically, by 63 certified producers.

Most organic vineyards will also harvest their grapes only when they have been naturally ripened by the sun, without the use of any chemicals. This extends to the treatment of rot and mildew, where natural methods are employed to prevent or treat any rot.

For the champagne consumer, your champagne is free of fungicides, pesticides and fertiliser. The taste and texture of these champagnes is improved and richer, although they do tend to cost a little more.

For the environmentally conscious consumer, the trend to choose organic champagne is growing and is especially popular among the younger generation of champagne consumers, who are a little more conscious of their stake in a more sustainable world.

We Have Organic Champagne For Everyone’s Preference

Champagne moments are usually the finest moments in life, crowning outstanding performance, celebrating the creation of something special, honouring the heroes amongst us, affirming a commitment, or just enjoying a fun moment with family or friends, these celebrations create lasting memories. They are also great opportunities for gifts.

Each celebration is different, each special. At Emperor Champagne, we have sought to carry the greatest assortment of champagnes, starting from the little and barely known, to the great and better-known champagne houses, to cater to every special moments.

Our goal is to be the Mecca of online champagne, and we hope to cater to everyone’s preference and budget. Kindly browse through and see our exciting collection. We are stockists of the finest organic champagne in Australia.

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