G.H. Mumm

One of the big guns of the Champagne world, G.H. Mumm is the champagne enjoyed at most parties and many sporting events from the Melbourne Cup to the Grand Prix.

Its iconic red sash is associated with a daring character that is embodied throughout their teams globally and all the way to their cellarmaster and rock star - Didier Mariotti.

Although he is partial to blending records in the DJ booth he is also accomplished in the cellar and is doing a great job making a consistent, party worth Brut Non Vintage.

We love heading up the G.H. Mumm Champagne ladder with their outstanding and rare Mumm de Cramant for a touch of refined elegance.

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All over the world, there is no name more synonymous with champagne than the famous GH Mumm, the champagne historically associated with Formula One motor racing celebrations.

If you weren't already aware, traditionally the winner of a Formula One race celebrates by showering everyone in the immediate vicinity with a generous amount of G.H. Mumm champagne.

They'll usually then drink whatever remains. One particular driver even celebrates by drinking the champagne from his boot, not a practice we recommend, but it does show how versatile Mumm champagne is.

If it still tastes good after being poured into a boot that has been worn under racing conditions, it must indeed be a great champagne. There's no need to go to extremes when you enjoy your champagne, and now Emperor Champagne – the experts in champagne delivery throughout Australia – makes it even easier to enjoy your favourite champagnes, because you can order them online from us as easily as ordering by telephone or in person.

The history of Mumm champagne in Australia

Mumm champagne first came into the world all the way back in 1827, before the word "champagne" even was being used for describing this particular style of sparkling wine. The three Mumm brothers, sons of Peter Arnold Mumm (owner of P.A. Mumm wines in Germany), recognized the Champagne region of France for what it would become.

Captivated by the exceptional grape quality the region was uniquely famous for producing and by the extraordinary skill of the local winemakers, Gottlieb, Jacobus, and Philipp Mumm set out to establish their own independent business in France.

This was building on the success of their father, who had been making wine since 1761. Armed with the knowledge they had inherited through this famous lineage, the skills they learned from local craftsmen, and the wonderful growing conditions provided in the region, the GH Mumm label was born.

From there, it was a long journey to Australia's shores, and in a strange twist of fate, Australia had more of a role to play in the success story of Mumm champagne than you might expect. In the 1800s, European vineyards were devastated by disease. Australia, by that time, already had a thriving wine industry, and was gaining a reputation for also being a great wine producing country. In fact, even today, Australia is the fourth largest wine exporter, with only France, Italy and Spain being ahead.

The Australian vines, isolated as they were from Europe's problems, were the key to getting Europe's industry up and running again. So, in a very round about way, every time you enjoy a drop of Mumm champagne, you are tasting a little bit of Australia and Australian history. The first bottles of Mumm arrived in Australia so long ago that nobody even bothered to record such a momentous occasion (odd, when you think that the wine industry was so precious to the nation's well-being, eclipsed only by the wool industry at that time).

Champagne at the time was considered something of a novelty and usually reserved only for the most important occasions. It was, in those days, extraordinarily expensive, and considered a drink of the rich, something of a status symbol.

Things began to change during the late 1950s and early 1960s. This was partly due to cultural changes that were taking place at the time, and a more open acceptance of drinking socially.

Popularity increased further still when Mumm became the official champagne of Formula One. As champagne in Australia grew in popularity, and faced competition from local winemakers, the price came down to a more affordable range, and people began consuming it on less formal occasions than had traditionally been the case.

The champagne industry is fiercely competitive, and Mumm was recognised in Australia as a high quality champagne, but still trailed behind some of the other brands. Mumm surged ahead to become the market leader after a brilliant stroke of marketing genius when the brand became the official champagne of the Melbourne Cup. Sales boomed after this.

Champagne sales in Australia have bucked the international trend, still achieving strong growth every year since 2009, when most other champagne buying markets were in decline. Mumm has gone from strength to strength, and continues to remain a highly prized label in Australia.

Even though it is popular and famous, the price is still reasonable, and that only makes it more dear to Australian hearts. More than anything else, the success and quality of Mumm champagne can be attributed to the motto of the man whom the label is named after, Georges Hermann Mumm. His immortal words were "Only the best," and that is precisely the standard used at every stage of production in Mumm champagne. Today, when you enjoy a glass of Mumm champagne, you can be certain you are drinking only the best.

Is there a difference between GH Mumm Cordon Rouge and GH Mumm Brut?

While "Cordon Rouge" may sound extra special, it actually just refers to the red sash label design. When most people talk about "Mumm Cordon Rouge" or "Mumm Brut", what they are referring to is "GH Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut", but as that's quite a mouthful to say, it's perfectly acceptable to use either of the alternatives.

If you are looking for something extra special, consider the Grand Cordon, which is a cut above. A powerful champagne full of character, it is driven by a heavy influence of Pinot Noir and balanced out with more subtle tones of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. It's carefully selected only using the very best of the harvest, and then aged for 20 months before it goes to market.

Mumm Grand Cordon, with its bolder and sweeter style, makes it the champagne you choose when you have a bold statement to make. It's a daring wine with a modern style and solid history of class and tradition backing it up.

The more standard G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut isn't given that refinement with Chardonnay. As a result, it's a touch more dry and crisp, but an enjoyable fizz nonetheless, with notes of vanilla, ginger, peach, honey, citrus, and of course that warm lingering toastiness that makes true champagne so easy to distinguish from regular sparkling wines.

The significance of the Cordon Rouge label is that it is supposed to be an honorific tribute to the red sash worn by knights of the Légion d'Honneur. At one time the bottles always had a genuine sash made of red silk adorning them, but then the realities of 20th Century economy took over, and now the sash is merely printed onto the label.

Add some colour to the occasion with Mumm Rosé 

The golden hue of the Mumm Brut varieties is so rich and dark, it's difficult to imagine it could be lifted so well by the addition of a dash of red. The resultant salmon pink is genuinely tantalizing, and all the more so when you discover that if you catch the light just right, it will transform momentarily to a deep golden orange.

This is a lively champagne ripe for celebration. It has aromas of strawberry, cherry, vanilla and caramel. The taste is mild, but not too sweet, so it goes down easily and matches with virtually any kind of food accompaniment.

Mumm Demi-Sec is fully decadent

When you think of dessert, you probably don't think of champagne, but the intensity of Mumm Demi-Sec makes it an ideal match for the sweeter things in life. It has more than double the normal sugar content of other Mumm champagne, and it's also the only one in the range that doesn't bear the cordon rouge label. Rather, it has an unofficial "Cordon Verde".

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