Dom Perignon

This iconic house posses the name of the man who is believed to be the god father of Champagne. Lead by enigmatic winemaker Richard Geoffroy, he has continued to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with and has been turning out great vintages and even far more superlative second release cuvees in the P2 range.  Geoffroy believes that champagnes age in plenitudes. This super talented winemaker has a theory that champagnes in the wine-makers cellars head off on a period of change and development then reach a plateau before heading off on another journey of increased complexity and development. As such, great vintages of Dom Perignon are held back in the cellar with the yeast inside the bottle to allow the wine to take on another stratosphere of complexity and depth. Enter P2 - a wine that must be enjoyed at least once in your lifetime and more if you can justify it!   




Dom Perignon

P2 Vintage 1998



Club Price $517.75 (?)