Champagne Lacourte-Godbillon

The story of this house began in 1947 when after the second world war, Geraldine's parents decided to focus on viticulture and making the best champagne that they could. The first vintage was made in 1968 at a mere 1,000 cases which were quickly sold. It wasn't until 2006 that Geraldine and her husband Richard came into the family business from their high-flying city jobs to take the reins and turn it into the modern house it today.Lacourte-Godbillon are considered purists and are a true 'grower-producer' (récoltant manipulant) with control of all levels of growing and production. They farm 8 hectares of Pinot Noir (85%)  and Chardonnay (15%) in the premier cru village of Ecueil on the Montagne de Reims. These are vinous wines of nerve and tension with an invigorating streak of minerality. A new generation producer with deep historical roots, this house is not complacent on selling the name of Champagne alone; quality, ambition and flair are key at this address. 




Lacourte-Godbillon Terroirs d'Ecueil Premier Cru


Lacourte-Godbillon Terroirs d'Ecueil Premier Cru



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