Champagne F & R Miniere

A new grower in Hermonville – north of Reims in Massif Saint Thierry. This area is the most northerly part of the Champagne region. Frédéric and Rodolphe look after 8 hectares of vines mainly in Hermonville. Traditionally they sold all their grapes to the big houses, but in 2005 they decided to start their own business. Frédéric (standing left) spent some time with Anselme Selosse and no doubt this has had a profound impact on his philosophy towards wine making. All the wines are fermented and aged in barrel with long ageing and malolactic fermentation is blocked for all the cuvées. About 70% of barrels are 5 years or older. Rodolphe and Frédéric have some interesting terroirs to work with. The upper hills are covered in sand-loam soil while the lower areas are loam, clay and sand. These well-draining soils contain high levels of minerals. Current production is about 15,000 bottles per year and slowly increasing. 




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