Champagne A. Margaine

Arnaud Margaine is a fourth generation grower-producer and his family have vineyards in Villers Marmery. This town is considered somewhat of an oddity, as it is primarily a chardonnay village amidst a mountain of pinot noir. Why is this special? Well the chardonnay used by Margaine in Villers Marmery is specific to this area and cannot be found anywhere else in champagne. This immediately stands out as an identity that Arnaud wants to preserve which is present in the Margaine cuvées. His approach to making his champagne is to assess each year as it presents itself as opposed to a pre-determined recipe. Using a prescribed approach is restrictive to the true nature of the wine. He is a proponent of blocking malolactic fermentation, as he wants to preserve what he describes as ‘fruit freshness’ and not just acidity. Lastly, he says of being an Artisan “under the banner "Artisan of Champagne", the human value is predominant and it is the one that unites the group. On this base, there is also the passion of the terroir and the way everyone interprets it.”  




A. Margaine

A. Margaine 'Le Demi-Sec' Premier Cru



Club Price $89.30 (?)

A. Margaine Cuvée M 'Le Caractère'

A. Margaine

A. Margaine Cuvée M 'Le Caractère'

Extra Brut

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