Our Story

Our story began as a vision in 2015 after a long history of being committed to education within the Champagne industry. We dreamt of becoming Australia’s premier online destination for champagne with an extensive range of champagnes delivered nationwide. We want to provide our clients with an avenue to purchase the wines they discover at our shows delivered directly to their door. We want to make the Champagnes you love available all year round, but also to educate further on the virtues of each house, champagne style and the extraordinary people behind these wines.

After much discussion with several industry professionals in Australia and France, we decided to develop our brand – Emperor, which we feel represents our passion and commitment to the industry. We were first drawn to the story of Napoleon Bonaparte due to his passion for both the wines of Champagne and the region it is grown. Napoleon had a strong friendship with the young Jean Remy Moet and his army fought for France with bellies full of champagne providing the necessary gusto to win all battles except the battle of Waterloo in which no champagne was drunk!

Napoleon was a great advocate of Champagne, as are we. We believe in promoting all brands of champagne, representing the boutique, who quite often have no voice, all the way through to the established. We buy our champagne ethically, we sell fairly, we store correctly and we support the family of growers.

That is our commitment to you, the champagne lover.


'Napoleon Crossing the Alps at the Great Saint Bernard' by Jacques-Louis David 1801–1805