Well if Krug is the King, then SALON is the Queen. This is the one of the few houses in Champagne that only makes Blanc de Blancs and not just any Blanc de Blancs – it only produces Vintage Champagne in the best years. Matthieu Pouchan, global brand ambassador was recently in Australia (September 2017) promoting the release of Vintage 2006 and emphasized that SALON has only produced 40 vintages in history since 1905. SALON produce a tiny 50,000 bottles per year and connoisseurs globally hunt for those rarely allocated bottles, which fetch a pretty penny. Salon typically spends a mighty 10 years in the cellar waiting for the tense Chardonnay of the Cotes de Blancs to temper from tightly wound acidity and earthy minerality. This is a wine that will keep showing its ethereal beauty up to 20 years beyond release. We would consider this a ‘special occasion’ or ‘landmark moment’ champagne and one you must try before you die.




Cuvée 'S' Blanc de Blancs 2006

Vintage Blanc de Blancs


Club Price $850.25 (?)