Well if Krug is the King, then Salon is the Queen. This is the one of the few houses in Champagne that only makes Blanc de Blancs and not just any Blanc de Blancs – it only produces Vintage Champagne in the best years.

Matthieu Pouchan, global brand ambassador was recently in Australia (September 2017) promoting the release of Vintage 2006 and emphasized that SALON has only produced 40 vintages in history since 1905. SALON produce a tiny 50,000 bottles per year and connoisseurs globally hunt for those rarely allocated bottles, which fetch a pretty penny.

Salon typically spends a mighty 10 years in the cellar waiting for the tense Chardonnay of the Cotes de Blancs to temper from tightly wound acidity and earthy minerality. This is a wine that will keep showing its ethereal beauty up to 20 years beyond release. We would consider this a ‘special occasion’ or ‘landmark moment’ champagne and one you must try before you die.

How Salon Champagne Is Made

When Dom Perignon, a French monk, accidentally invented champagne in 1668, he first said of it in wonder that he was drinking stars. We believe that’s what your first sip, and every sip thereafter of our fine vintage champagne Salon Blanc de Blanc, will feel like.

Esteemed among the greatest champagnes, Salon is made only from chardonnay white grapes. If you haven’t discovered this delightful beverage, then we invite you to experience this brand of the magic of the stars for yourself.

Emperor Champagne is proud to stock yet another vintage brand of Champagne sourced just for you. We are dedicated champagne lovers and educators of these fine sparkling wines. We do not stock only vintage champagnes, but an inclusive range, from the biggest champagne houses, to the humblest.

What Salon Vintage Champagne Is Made With

Champagne is made from three grape varieties, the Chardonnay, the Pinot-Noir and the Pinot Meunier. Ordinarily, all three are blended to produce champagne, with the exception of the blanc de blanc which is produced exclusively from Chardonnay grapes.

A vintage champagne is one that is produced exclusively with grapes from a specific year. As with all farm produce, some years produce better yields than others, both in terms of the amount, and the quality of the harvest.

Produced from grapes that are harvested during an exceptional year and aged to perfection for between 5 and 10 years, the end result is a splendid vintage champagne.

Unlike other wines that you would store in the expectation of ageing, champagne producers only release the champagne for sale once it has aged to perfection. The older the vintage, the rarer and more expensive and richer it is, and forms much of the charm of sipping these exquisite sparkling wines.

How Do You Like Your Salon Champagne?

Champagne is sweetened to four different levels, and during the fermentation process the sugar is eaten up by the yeast. Control is made to halt the process at different stages, which then determines what flavour the champagne will have.

These are:

Extra Brut - A very dry sparkling wine with no taste of sweetness.
Brut - A dry wine with a slight taste of sweetness.
Extra Dry - Less dry but sweeter than Extra-Brut and Brut.
Demi-Sec - A relatively sweet sparkler.

There are two methods to produce champagne, each giving a different result. The first is the Champagne method in which initial fermentation takes place in a vat, and a second fermentation continues in each individual bottle for a minimum of fifteen months. The taste of these are dry and not very fruity.

While the Charmat-Martinotti method is faster as initial fermentation takes place in a vat, and carbonisation is carried out in a separate sealed and pressurised tank. These wines taste young and are more fruit driven.

If you are looking for a vintage champagne that combines elegance with finesse, buy Salon champagne online from us at Emperor Champagne. We have an extensive range of champagnes to offer you. We will deliver straight to your doorstep anywhere in Australia. Our service is prompt and our staff courteous and always ready to help

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Salon Cuvee 'S' Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs '97 Champagne

Blanc de Blancs

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Salon Cuvee 'S' Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs '96 Champagne

Blanc de Blancs

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