Palmer & Co.

The champagne house was founded in 1947 by group of 7 growers in the town of Avize. They called themselves 'Société des Grands Crus de la Champagne' because at the time, only growers that owned Grand Cru vineyards could join. Between them, they had Grand Cru vineyards in the areas of the Côte des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims and they banded together as they were seeking to make better wines than they could achieve separately. So how did the name come about? Well this truly is an interesting story and through our research we discovered some interesting facts. The founders at first tried to create an acronym using their initials to form a name, which you can imagine was frustrating and ended nowhere. At a loss with what to do, the story goes, a very famous biscuit company called Huntley & Palmer, based in Berkshire, UK, inspired them. They were biscuit makers to the Royal family and received Royal warrants by Napoleon III. Apparently as many imports were restricted during the war back in the 1940's, the people of Reims or Remois as they are referred to were prepared to pay more for a packet of biscuits than a bottle of champagne! This inspired the champagne house.




Palmer & Co.

Palmer & Co. Brut Réserve



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