Louise Brison

Champagne Louise Brison began as a small dream back in 1910 as Louise commenced work on her 14 acre plot in the south of the Champagne region (Noe Les Mallets in the Aube) with passion. The family tradition continues today under the inspired guidance of Grand Daughter, winemaker, Delphine Brulez. The estate has been farmed organically since 2012 and has an enviable elevation of 280 to 320 metres above sea level with South-South East facing vineyards planted with 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. 

The Maison is extremely unique in that they only produce Vintage Champagne, with Delphine the winemaker stating that “nature is their only master”. Each year the Maison craft the most beautiful and expressive champagnes they can from a single harvest. The wines are fermented and aged to start with in barrel then blended into bottle for secondary ferment aged for a minimum of 6 years and very low levels of dosage (often no addition of sugar at all) to realise the expression of the terroir sitting on Kimmeridgian clay. 

They say that to make a good vintage in a great year is child's play, but to make a great vintage every year is an art form. Not a truer word spoken. This is an impressive house with champagnes of poise and power. 





Louise Brison

Louise Brison Brut Millésime Tendresse 2012



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