If the Larmandier-Bernier family produced technical equipment instead of champagne they would make the best laser-guided tools. This best describes their level of accuracy and just getting it right.
“These wines from Pierre and Sophie Larmandier are exceptional in every way.

Larmandier practices a non-interventionalist philosophy in the vineyards with an emphasis on low yields. A similar approach is taken in the cellar, where the wines are fermented with natural yeasts and bottled with low or no dosage in order to exalt the qualities of the sites the estate works with. The Larmandier-Bernier Champagnes are some of the purest and most utterly engaging wines being made in the region today. I can’t recommend them highly enough.” Antonio Galloni, The Wine Advocate

Larmandier Champagne

Those that really want to set themselves apart from the crowd understand the importance of showing up to a dinner party with something a little extra in hand that implies considerable research and thought. We have all been to events and occasions and sipped run of the mill champagne, but truly, when it comes to making memories every single detail counts.

As such, a bottle of Larmandier Champagne brings style, sophistication and a completely different experience to those that imbibe in its sublime notes and ensures that those used to typically served champagnes, will remember their first taste of something truly classy.

Here at Emperor Champagne, we are the ultimate destination for Australia’s champagne connoisseurs. Our commander in chief, Kyla Kirkpatrick, aka the Champagne Dame, is renowned for her expertise in the field and under her guidance our team curates the finest champagnes and makes them accessible to those that really want to taste the difference with every sip.

Champagne is not simply a drink to toast with; it implies a way of life, an attitude and above all else an appreciation for a dedication to craft, time and the creation of something truly unique. To this end, those that choose Emperor Champagne as their trusted destination for the best bubbly on the market can expect luxury packaging as a standard to complement your acquisition of something remarkable and exclusive to our clientele.

Why Larmandier Champagne

Here at Emperor Champagne, an expert tasting panel vets all of the choices ready to buy online which ensures that your every purchase lives up to and exceeds expectations. Among our extensive range of champagne is the Larmandier Bernier, an incredibly clean and refreshing option that you will find very difficult to put down.

As always with the Larmandier house, everything that ends up in your glass is as a result of the time and dedication in the vineyard. They adopt a natural approach to viticulture to ensure that they bring out the best in their grapes.

Old vines, moderate yields and care for the soil that avoids the use of fertilisers and chemicals ensures that you gain the benefit of a tried and trusted method that has satisfied the palate of countless connoisseurs before you. This respect for nature and commitment to moderate yields and manual harvesting of grapes brings about a structure and maturity in their champagne that makes for such an inimitable finish.

Adding a Little Extra Sparkle to Your World

At Emperor Champagne, we run Australia’s first champagne subscription service which makes it possible for those that wish to educate themselves in all things champagne and experience a variety of different tastes every month to do so. Our exclusive content will keep you briefed in terms of the champagne you receive every month and will deliver key insights into a variety of topics.

The extensive range of cuvées you will find in our online store come from the worlds best producers. This includes the major house names as well as a range of boutique producers that are delivering new and exciting tastes to the market every year.

Larmandier Champagne is a wonderful choice and available at an incredible price, made even more attractive to those in our champagne subscription service. What’s more, with free shipping available on orders over $250 anywhere in Australia, you need not limit your choices any more. Become part of the exclusive Emperor Champagne revolution today and allow us to add a little extra sparkle to your world.





Larmandier-Bernier 'Latitude' Extra Brut


Larmandier-Bernier 'Latitude' Extra Brut

Blanc de Blancs


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