Champagne Flavien Nowack

The Nowack family has its roots in the Czech Republic, but it has been cultivating grapes in Vandières since 1795. Un until 1915 though, the family's main activity was to produce roof tiles and bricks. When the First World War conscription system was imposed, Ferdinand Nowack decided to produce his own champagne so the sales could provide for the family, whilst he and his son  were at the war front. After the war, they expanded their production and never looked back. Terroir - Caroline Henry. Flavien joined his father in 2012 and decided to make some changes, notably, moving towards tilling the earth, incorporating biodynamic principles and being creating terroir-driven champagne. He studied at Avize university and was classmates with Guillaume Selosse, son of the infamous Anselme and it was he who showed him the differences in soil types and farming methods that encourage personality and expression.




Flavien Nowack La Fontinette '13

Flavien Nowack

Flavien Nowack La Fontinette '13

Blanc de Noirs


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Flavien Nowack

Flavien Nowack Chatillon Sur Marne

Extra Brut

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