What's not to love about this young house? Led by a dynamic and adventurous Gentleman by the name of Alexandre Cornot. Brimoncourt have associated themselves with the Regency era (1795-1837) which is defined by elegance, sophistication, flair, dapper gents, fine ladies and ultimately, fun.  

Brimoncourt is a great way to introduce your friends and family to a new era of champagne, one that speaks of style, independence and quality.

"Bring on the Brimoncourt Champagne!"

Every truly festive occasion calls for a great champagne, and Brimoncourt is right up there with the best of them. Don't be intimidated by the Brimoncourt champagne price. Just because it is one of the more expensive offerings doesn't mean it should be ignored.

Quite the contrary, in fact. Brimoncourt has proved to be immensely popular among those in the know in Australia, especially for those who appreciate a crisp, dry style with high acidity and vivid aroma.

The premium champagne Brimoncourt offers is labelled as "Extra Brut", and more than lives up to that promise. It carries powerful signatures of citrus and green apple, with little of the mellowing influence you'll find in less full-on champagne styles. It's developed mainly from Pinot Noir and about a fifth part of Chardonnay.

Another distinguishing characteristic is the extremely low dosage rate, using only a quarter of the sugar used by G.H. Mumm, for example. To get the best from this champagne, it should be served as cold as possible.

There's a less intense choice, which is the Brimoncourt Brut Regence, a punchy little number with a less acidic profile, and switches completely the balance of Pinot Noir to Chardonnay, with the latter being far more dominant in the "Regence".

Brimoncourt Champagne Is The Way To Celebrate

This is a traditional champagne in every sense, and it's certainly lively. You're certain to get good acoustics upon unleashing it from its cage, and you'll notice the bubbles that race to the top of the glass seem almost microscopic in comparison to those in more common champagne.

They make up in vigour and velocity what they lack in size. This adds a certain extra element of fizz and tactile sensation to the experience.

You'll find the Extra Brut has a very clear and refined appearance. Raise the glass to your nose and you'll be greeted by a rich bouquet that is reminiscent of strolling through an apple orchard late in the harvest season.

The taste is exceptionally crisp. It is a most unusual character in a high-end champagne, and will be appreciated by those who have a preference for dry white wines. There are few that could boast such a powerful flavour profile for a traditionally fermented champagne.

When it comes to the Brut Regence, Brimoncourt has broken new ground. You can tell you're in for something a bit different from the first moment you clap your eyes on the outer box in which this special champagne is packaged. A majestic giraffe in grandiose military uniform proudly stands to attention, a red dot hovering above his head like a sinister sniper's laser sight.

Inside the box, we find the distinguished but low key bottle. No hint of pretentiousness here, this champagne means serious business.

The higher balance of Chardonnay provides this champagne with a much softer profile in comparison to its big brother, but for all that, it's a very classy champagne in its own right.

It is warmer, rounder, and softer than the Extra Brut. You'll be drawn in by the aromas of pear and nougat, and you'll find the taste an exciting cacophony of ever-changing nuances.

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Brimoncourt Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Blancs


Club Price $94.05 (?)



Brimoncourt Extra Brut

Extra Brut

Club Price $103.55 (?)

Brimoncourt Brut Rosé


Brimoncourt Brut Rosé



Club Price $84.55 (?)



Brimoncourt Brut Régence


Club Price $75.05 (?)



Brimoncourt Brute Moustache



Club Price $90.25 (?)