Benoît Déhu

Benoît has a long history in winemaking working at the infamous Bollinger House. When he came back to his estate he focused on creating expressive wines of his hometown, Fossoy. Using techniques he picked up from his time at Bollinger, oak is prevalent in his winemaking creating hyper-exotic, intense and energetic champagnes.

Though production is small, less than 4000 bottles, Benoît has the underground wine scene talking. Benoît has quickly established himself as one to watch in one of France’s most dynamic and progressive wine growing regions.

He also has the unique opportunity to not only manage the estate, but also to develop his own label of naturally farmed, handmade, artisanal champagnes. To do this, Benoît sectioned off a 1.7 hectare parcel which he farms biodynamically and is partially ploughed with a horse. From this, Benoît crafts a single-vineyard, vintage and variety champagne called “La Rue des Noyers”. The wines are made from 100% Meunier. This type of focused, micro-project allows Benoît to gain a better understanding of the Meunier grape variety.





Benoît Déhu

Benoît Déhu Initiation Blanc de Noirs

Blanc de Noirs

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Benoît Déhu

Benoît Déhu 'Les Rue des Noyers' Blanc de Noirs '15

Blanc de Noirs


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