Antoine Bouvet

Fairly new to the champagne scene, Antoine Bouvet is quickly stealing the hearts of winelovers. Antoine’s grandfather, Guy, gave him the small estate when he was just 17 and owes everything he has learnt to his beloved grandfather. His love and admiration of his grandfather is on display for all in his beautiful champagne labels.

Out of the five hectares of vines, only one is used for Antoine’s own production. The rest is sold to the infamous Bollinger. Therefore very limited bottles of Antoine’s label are produced, on average only 1000 bottles per cuvee. Despite his young age, Antoine already has a wealth of knowledge, showcased in the biodynamic and minimum intervention winemaking methods.

These wines are a must try with their sharp, vinous appeal and mineral freshness. Antoine Bouvet is a true young rising star, taking the champagne world by storm.




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