Veuve Fourny et Fils

Veuve Fourny et Fils 'Mont de Vertus' Extra Brut '11 |Vintage |2011

Veuve Fourny et Fils

Veuve Fourny et Fils 'Mont de Vertus' Extra Brut '11

Vintage 2011


- Single vineyard, vintage champagne from old vines

- Intense mineral style of champagne that needs time in the glass

- Pair with Mushroom Risotto with Aged Parmesan. Chicken and Leek pie with creamy mashed potatoes. 

This comes exclusively from old vines in 'Les Barillées', a chalky vineyard in a prime location on the north side of Vertus.

It’s vibrant in aroma yet stern in demeanor, demonstrating the puissance of the vintage as well as its structure.

It’s intensely chalky on the palate, turning increasingly more savoury as it moves back, and it finishes with long, energetic length, feeling vivid and demanding. Peter Liem


About the house

While proprietors Emmanuel and Charles-Henry Fourny are fifth-generation vine growers in Vertus, the history of estate-bottled champagnes at Veuve Fourny dates from the 1930s, when their grandfather began producing champagnes under the Albert Fourny label. The estate became known as Veuve A. Fourny in the 1950s after Albert's death, and today it is called Veuve Fourny & Fils.

It's important to the Fournys' that all of their wines come entirely from the village of Vertus: "We want to be specialists of our cru," says Emmanuel Fourny (pictured). While the estate was founded as a récoltant-manipulant (RM), it changed its status in 1979 to négociant-manipulant (NM), in order to buy grapes from other family members who owned vines in the village. Their purchasing practices remain highly selective: they now buy about four to five hectares of grapes a year, all in Vertus and exclusively from family and friends. The Fournys work closely with these other growers to ensure that their vineyard practices correspond to those of the estate itself, and each parcel is vinified separately wherever possible, whether estate-owned or otherwise.

Descriptors & Texture

Creamy Chardonnay Dominant




Mineral Chalky



Herbs & Spices