Champagne Georges Remy

Georges Remy is a third generation grower who started his venture into winemaking as a red winemaker in Bordeaux. When he came back to his home in Bouzy, it was only natural that he start-out making Bouzy Rouge (a still red wine made entirely from pinot noir). These wines are excellent and have been listed in a two Michelin Starred restaurant in Reims – L’Assiette Champenois. The family have been involved in grape growing since 1829 however the first wines weren’t produced until 1950. Much like many of the growers of the time, they decided to sell to the Negociants as this was the easiest way to make a return. Georges first harvest under his control was in 2011 and the wines started to appear around the world in 2014. He was encouraged by other growers in the region such as Pierre Paillard and Benoit Lahaye to turn his hand to champagne production and we are certainly glad he did. All of his wines are organically farmed and he has been using biodynamic preparations as well across their 4.6 hectares of vineyards. Georges is releasing some really exciting wines and we watching his progress with a keen eye.  




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